Vinh Phuc, Tuyen Quang, Thai Nguyen and Hanoi sign tourism cooperation

At Vinh Yen town, Vinh Phuc province held a ceremony to sign tourism cooperation between the four provinces: Vinh Phuc, Tuyen Quang, Thai Nguyen and Hanoi. This activity is aimed at exploiting the potential performance and advantages of the four tourist provinces.

Attending the ceremony were the Director General of Tourism, Nguyen Van Tuan, Vice Chairman of Vinh Phuc Tran Ngoc Tu, Vice Chairman of Tuyen Quang Vu Thi Bich Viet, Deputy Chairman of Thai Nguyen Ma Thi Nguyet and representatives of the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism of four provinces, cities …

Speaking at the signing ceremony, representatives of the four provinces and cities have said that cooperation in the tourism sector is vital in terms of tourism development in general and of each local tourism in particular. However, in the process of cooperation should be specific programs aimed at overcoming weaknesses in the tourism sector, while promoting strong and effective exploitation of tourism potential of each locality.

According to General Director Nguyen Van Tuan Department of Tourism, all four provinces and cities have strong potential for tourism and private, therefore, not just a local event held annually, but tourism focus planning and construction of a number of key tourism products, while improving the quality of tourism services, creating its own brand of tourism attractions. On the other hand, each locality should facilitate the promotion, tourism promotion and exploitation of the type of tourism resorts, ecological, cultural …

At the signing ceremony, four provinces have agreed to cooperate in the fields of construction projects to exploit the potential advantages and other resources for tourism development under the planning of each locality; setting up investment projects in infrastructure development, taking advantage of investment resources and support the national target program on tourism; create tourism products of the region, meet local tourist market local and international development tours connection points, tourist areas of 4 provinces, cities, organizations and links to promote products, point to the four provinces to the markets inside and outside countries to coordinate training and fostering to raise the professional qualifications and professional human resources of the four provincial tourism, cities, regular exchange of experience in the management of tourism activities

Vinh Phuc Tourism Center